Hawaii’s Best Lighthouses

Hawaii’s Best Lighthouses

Hawaii’s seafaring history has been of the utmost importance to the islands. From historical sandalwood shippers to whaling vessels to more modern racing yachts and container ships, Hawaii’s lighthouses have played vital roles in Hawaii’s commerce and recreational interests.

In ancient times, Hawaiian would light torches that would line the rim of Diamond head and on Kauai at Kukuiolono to guide inter-island canoes safety. Today, many of the lighthouses are automated, but a couple that have beauty and historic value to the islands.

Aloha Tower

Probably the most famous of all the lighthouses in the islands. Located on the island of Oahu along the Honolulu harbor front, today it is still manned but more for controlling harbor traffic than providing a beacon for the ocean going. It was the tallest structure in he Honolulu skyline back in 1926. The observation deck is open to the public daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free

Diamond Head Lighthouse

Located along Diamond Head road, this lighthouse is one of the few that is not accessible to the general public. The cliff side lighthouse stands guard over Oahu’s south shore wedged between the overlooks and roadway above and the popular beaches and surf breaks below. There is gated access to a small manicured lawn that houses the lighthouse and a small keepers quarters that is the private residence of Coast Guard officials.

Makapuu Lighthouse

One of the more strikingly beautiful of all Hawaii lighthouses, this one stands as sentry of the Eastern shore of the island of Oahu with a commanding view of the Kaiwi channel. This lighthouse is the perfect day hike for those interested in getting a very up close and personal view of the lighthouse. The trail begins along Kalanianaole Highway between the Hawaii Kai Golf Course and Sea Life Park. The parking lot is at the base of the two mile roundtrip trail.

Kilauea Lighthouse

This beautiful lighthouse is located on the northernmost point of Kauai. Located a top an ocean bluff a park of the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, this lighthouse is certainly one of the most visited in the islands. Grounds are open daily from 10am-4pm and the tower is open on the first Saturday in May. There is a small admission fee for all visitors.

There are over 100 lighthouses in the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii’s lighthouses are a source of history and pride in the islands

Hawaii Travel Advice: Makapuu hike is best early in the day and during the winter months where whales are often spotted.

Lottie Tagupa is a native Hawaiian, born and raised on the island of Oahu. She has been writing about Hawaii for over 10 years and currently lives in Waimea on the Big Island

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